Our Staff

We have been in operation, and constantly evolving and growing for over 30 years. This growth has been based upon providing a superior level of products and services, driven by high calibre people. We are an honest, ethical organisation, and we look for these traits in everybody we employ. By abiding and promoting these values in our staff, we expect to develop and maintain a loyal customer base.

We encourage all of our staff to take ownership of their positions, these ethical views, and to make education decisions aimed a satisfying our customers.

Below you will find a list of key personnel from our highly trained, and customer focussed staff. Please feel free to contact the staff member you deem most appropriate to your enquiry.

JH Computer Services – [email protected]

Jennifer Clay –  Chief Executive Officer – [email protected]
Tim Sargent – General Manager – [email protected]
Ryan Nelson – Sales Manager – [email protected]
Antoni Garac – Account Manager – [email protected]
Christine Smith – Finance Manager – [email protected]
Mike Temby – Systems Administrator – [email protected]
Ray Hawkins – Network Engineer [email protected]
Jye Dalzeil – Notebook Engineer [email protected]