Case Studies

Dandaragan Shire
Dandaragan Shire

When the Shire of Dandaragan built their new offices in Jurien Bay, they approached JH Computer Services, and outlined their desired goals and requirements.

JH Computer Services assigned a dedicated Account Manager to work closely with the Shire, and to determine the best way, financially and practically, to meet all stated objectives. In conjunction with the Shire’s staff, JH Computer Services analysed the new building plans, and helped design and implement a new network infrastructure, which would maintain connectivity to their existing office in Dandaragan.

It was determined that this would entail the purchasing of entirely new equipment, ranging from printers and peripherals, to new desktop PC’s, notebooks and server equipment. JH Computer Services worked closely with both the Shire and their software partners to make sure the transfer occurred as seamlessly and as transparently to the users as possible.

Most of the new equipment was purchased through a financial agreement with Rentworks, whilst the major network and server hardware was purchased outright, giving the Shire financial flexibility, as well as allowing them to upgrade desktop equipment to keep abreast of technological advancements. All equipment was delivered and deployed on time, with most tasks performed at JH Computer Services’ premises prior to delivery.

Colin Ashe from the Shire had the following to say about his experience in dealing with JH Computer Services:

“The relocation to Jurien Bay was a large task managed by the Shire staff at the time and naturally there was going to be downtime while this move occurred. One of the major tasks required to be undertaken during this relocation was the setup, and networking of computers. The Shire experienced no downtime in this area thanks to the support, research and efficiency of JH Computer Services who configured all the computers and made the networking very straight forward for the Shire staff.”

“JH Computer Services provide cost effective solutions to IT issues which is very important to small Shires with limited budgets and IT knowledge. Their after sales support and advice on hardware, software and configuration is invaluable to the operations of our Shire.”

“It has been a breath of fresh air to deal with a supplier who can deliver what they promise, on time, within budget, and without any problems.”

Austal Ships

Vessels built by Austal’s Western Australian shipyard can be found cutting through the swells of the Baltic Sea, speeding along China’s Pearl River Delta, and hauling cars across Turkey’s Marmara Sea.


Before each of Austal’s intricately engineered aluminum vessels hits the slipway en route to the fleet of an international ferry operator, Navy or coastguard, an intensive design, modelling, and analysis process is conducted on leading-edge AcerPower workstations.

Paul Dennison, IT Manager for Austal’s shipyard in Perth, Western Australia, has found benefits in steering the company towards an Acer-only policy for its engineering workstation and server hardware.

Austal is deploying AcerPower PC workstations to handle the rigorous demands of its team of over 150 engineers and designers working in all facets of naval architecture, marine, mechanical engineering, electrical design, and drafting. All Data is centrally stored and backed up on a 30Tb Acer SAN Storage Network and replicated at a second site.

“Basically our philosophy is to buy only the most powerful machines for the engineers and designers, and shuffle the older PCs down to less demanding roles,” Mr Dennison said.

“The engineers test mathematical models of hull designs for optimisation using G+D Computing’s finite element analysis software,” said Mr Dennison. “The naval architects and design engineers also run AutoCAD and Formation Design Systems’ hull design software, Maxsurf.”

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software are used throughout the shipbuilding process to minimise wastage and ensure engineering precision.

With proven designs, Austal have delivered more than 200 vessels to 36 individual countries. Products include high speed passenger and vehicle-passenger ferries, leisure vessels and a range of patrol, fast freight and offshore support vessels. Austal’s product range extends from 20 to over 127 metres in length.

The Austal motion control system was developed by Austal in response to market demands for improved passenger comfort on high-speed ferries. Austal led the development of its own motion control system in the early 1990s. Austal first developed and implemented the active interceptor, and the system now also incorporates sophisticated primary and auxiliary steering systems.

Austal has the capability to simulate a ship’s behaviour in a seaway and then to customise a solution to address any inadequacies in the operability of the ship as a consequence of seakeeping. These tools are used in the development of hullform and motion control system combinations that provide motion characteristics that will suit the intended operation. Solutions implemented to date include combinations of T-Foils, Interceptors, Trim Tabs and Cantilevered Foils including retractable units.

“A negative aspect to fast ferries is their motion which can bounce passengers around,” Mr Dennison said. The system is capable of decreasing a vessel’s vertical accelerations, significantly reducing the incidence of seasickness. It is fully automatic and operated from the bridge by a central computer which sends control signals to foils on each catamaran hull and to rams at the rear which move to counteract the motion of the boat.

Austal developed this fully computerised system in collaboration with the Australian maritime Engineering Cooperative Research Centre at the Curtin University of Western Australia.

“It has proved so successful that we’ve been asked to retrofit the system to vessels built by other yards,” Mr Dennison added.

With an IT workforce of himself and seven IT support staff, supporting over 470 users and 500 PC systems, Paul Dennison is streamlining the support role by making Acer the desktop workstation and server room standard. We have utilised all the Acer product range including Laptop, Desktop, Server and SAN Storage Product.

“We chose Acer after the hardware platform and pricing were compared and found to be of better value than others in the market.”

“I have formed a relationship with Acer supplier JH Computer Services in Perth and I’m very happy with that.”